Guest House open September to June - The House is available for Summer Rental from June 15th to September 15th

Discover our 3 bedrooms

The Four Poster Bedroom

The Four Poster Guestroom

Also known as "Grandmother's Bedroom". This spacious, fresh room has a beguiling romantic ambiance and features a private staircase to the garden so making it slightly detached from the rest of the house. An extra room can be added as a family ensuite

The Zen Bedroom

The Zen Guestroom

The pure colours of tranquillity. You will be entranced by the whites and soft earthy colours of this room with its beautiful side view of the sea. The only room available as either a double or twin, its sense of calm will delight you ... An extra room can be added as a family ensuite

The Yellow Bedroom

The Yellow Guestroom

The very special ambiance of this vibrant room, filled with Southern light and boasting a lovely sea view, will create a delightful feeling of warmth. It has a bathroom also with a sea view.

The Story of La Maison du Tamisier

Barbara welcomes you to the holiday home of her childhood and invites you to share in the rare charm of a house that has remained unspoiled and true to its character, brimming with emotions and memories ... A house full of nooks and crannies.

Barbara left her home in Belgium in order to keep this rather magical place alive ...

A garden and old style arbour where the flowers don't always grow in neat rows, a small kitchen garden with aromatic herbs, a swimming pool that blends into the landscape, a perfect spot in which to do nothing and listen to the silence ...

You soon start to feel at home ... The delicious gourmet breakfasts are one of Barbara's passions, combining organic ingredients, healthy eating and a great dining experience, quite a challenge ...

The flowers, music, paintings and sculpture are a feast for the eyes ...

There are a few little surprises awaiting you too, but if we tell you too much you won't have the urge to explore ...

About Barbara

A devotee of art and travel, she spent several years of her early adult life in Polynesia.
On returning to Belgium, she met Sylvie, also a great lover of the arts, and who became a close friend and business partner. Together, over a 10 year period, they organised a major annual event in Brussels based around art.

A different theme and location every year, bringing together Belgian and foreign artists and sculptors.

Now residing in the Cap d'Antibes, she lives in her childhood home, that becomes a guest house from September to June. She welcomes you and invites you to share in the memories associated with this bewitching place where her beloved forebears can still be seen dancing on the walls, clearly adoring this magical environment ...

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