Guest House open September to June - The House is available for Summer Rental from June 15th to September 15th

Discover our 3 bedrooms

The Four Poster Bedroom

The Four Poster Guestroom

Also known as "Grandmother's Bedroom". This spacious, fresh room has a beguiling romantic ambiance and features a private staircase to the garden so making it slightly detached from the rest of the house. An extra room can be added as a family ensuite

The Zen Bedroom

The Zen Guestroom

The pure colours of tranquillity. You will be entranced by the whites and soft earthy colours of this room with its beautiful side view of the sea. The only room available as either a double or twin, its sense of calm will delight you ... An extra room can be added as a family ensuite

The Yellow Bedroom

The Yellow Guestroom

The very special ambiance of this vibrant room, filled with Southern light and boasting a lovely sea view, will create a delightful feeling of warmth. It has a bathroom also with a sea view.

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Our website designer:

Shake s.a.
Communication Agency

Mathieu van Raemdonck
Chaussée de Charleroi 96
1060 Bruxelles
Mathieu Vanraemdonck

Our favourite florist:

Diane is a true artist. Her work: compositions where the flower is used as a means to create art. Her canvas: her window displays which change weekly to reflect her inspiration ... A joy, worth a detour ...

1 rue de Fersen
06600 - Antibes
Tel 04 93 34 55 40

Our photographer:

Benoît has more than simply a photographer's eye. He is sensitive and perceptive, able to discern the slightest emotive appeal of the most commonplace objects or places. He captures their soul and achieves a certain empathy that makes his photos so expressive. A great artist and a big hearted man.

Benoît Vollet
Repaire de créatifs
Les Estérêts du Lac
83440 - Montauroux
Tel 0033 6 64 47 89 90

My "Passions"

Le Broc en Bouche

The outstanding restaurant in the heart of Antibes. Fred and Flo prepare their dishes with love and is a truly inspired chef. One of those rare eating places where fresh produce in season is used to create authentic dishes full of natural colour; desserts and coffee specials are irresistible. Not forgetting the very lovely candle ambiance, not to be missed ... and you will be back for more ...
8 Rue Palmiers - 06600 Antibes Juan les Pins
Tel 04 93 34 75 60

La Petite Plage

I have always loved this place in Juan les Pins. A restaurant right on the beach at Juan les Pins. A delightful setting with views over the bay. The food is delicious, the ambiance pleasant and refined, and the prices very affordable ... quite rare!
Boulevard guillaumont opposite the Tourist Office by the beach at Juan les Pins / Tel 04 93 61 91 73

Steward Design

This shop sells "deco" items and has a joyful, inventive feel about it, sparking my curiosity and a happy mood every time I visit. The "Pylones" brand is well represented there, it makes you smile and my breakfast tables are a daily reminder ...
43 rue james close 06600 Antibes Tel 04 93 34 76 22


A whole new world to discover ... Tree houses give you the chance to experience a different sort of guest house, a few metres up from the ground and close to St Paul de Vence. An idea, a concept, a childhood dream relived, aesthetically perfect, and hostess Diane endows everything with a very special spirit. Truly a beautiful person, and a magical location to try ...

Energy cooking - Martine Fallon

"Mixing cooking, pleasure and health in wealth, le gourmet-gourmand-bio, is no longer a dream : discover the website that could change your life ...
14 rue Ernest Gossart - 1180 Bruxelles Tel : 00 322 345 09 56 - 00 32 472 659 004


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